Occasionally BeFree worship gatherings or other events are cancelled when weather makes it unsafe to travel. If you’re not sure if a scheduled event will take place, there are several ways you can get information:

  1. Call the church phone (664-5132) 24 hours a day to get up-to-date information. If the phone doesn't pick up, the power is out and there is no worship gathering or event.

  2. Check here on the website.

  3. Follow us on Facebook.

  4. Follow us on Twitter

  5. Follow us on Instagram.

  6. We may also send an email to everyone in the church directory. If you're not signed up to receive email from us, visit our email signup page.

After an overnight storm, we may cancel Sunday morning youth classes to give time for roads to clear and the parking lot to be plowed before the 10am worship gathering. In such cases, the decision to cancel might not be made until 8am, so if you are uncertain on a Sunday morning, call for an update after 8am.