Student ministry at BeFree is grounded in the desire to develop disciples who love God supremely, love others sacrificially, and reach out and make disciples themselves as an overflow of their love for God and others.

The discipleship of our middle school and high school students begins in the home, continues in the existing structure of the local church, takes expression in student-specific ministries, and overflows in mission to those students who are outside the church in our local schools. These circles of discipleship (the home, the church, student-specific ministry, and mission) and the philosophy behind them are detailed here.

High School Student-Specific Ministries:

Young Life: We partner with Young Life, an outreach to unchurched high school students, here in Dover.  Young Life Club meets weekly on Monday nights at 7:30 PM, usually in the Dover BeFree Conference Room. Contact Bjorn Anderson, or for more info, visit the Seacoast Young Life website.

**We intentionally do not offer a Sunday morning class for high school students as they are encouraged to engage corporately with our church body in our Worship Gathering.**

Middle School Student-Specific Ministries:

DIG Classes: We offer specific DIG classes during our Worship Gatherings for 5/6 Grades and also for 7/8 Grades. These classes meet 3 weeks out of every month, with students spending the 4th week, engaging in the entire Worship Gathering with their family.

**Middle school DIG classes break during the Summer and resume after Labor Day.**

Wyld Life: Wyld Life is the middle school branch of Young Life and is beginning in Dover this winter. A wonderful team of leaders will be gathering middle school students 1-2 times each month on Friday nights for times of adventure and fun as well as Wyld Life Club events. For more information on Wyld Life, please contact Bjorn Anderson.