Advent Worship

Longing and Joy

These two words have  been a cry in my heart for a number of months now and God is especially swelling these tender feelings within me as we begin to celebrate this Advent Season together.  In that realm of thinking, I want to share with you an album written by the very talented people at Sovereign Grace Music that celebrates this wonderful juxtaposition of rejoicing in Jesus' birth and the waiting that we still endure for His returning.  The record is titled Prepare Him Room: Celebrating the Birth of Jesus in Song

A few of the songs are available for free in beautiful music video form on YouTube.  Those songs can be found here,  I will also encourage you to make a kingdom invest for you and your family by purchasing the full album.  You can do so directly from the Sovereign Grace website.  This link will take you to that page,

Not only will this be excellent listening and worship on your own, but we will also be singing a few of these songs together during our Sunday morning and Christmas Eve gatherings.  It would be a very strategic way for you and yours to prepare your hearts to worship during those times.  

Finally, I hope you all continue to enjoy a holy, blessed and joyful Advent Season as we look to follow Jesus together as a BeFree family in this fully reverent time of the year.  My prayer is that this resource might be a tool to tune our hearts to God's plan for this world and his never failing love for us as His people.  

Rob O'Blenis