BeFree Alton Family Letter (April)

Hello BeFree,

Every two months the elders and I write a “family letter” to share about what’s happening at BeFree. The past two months have been busy for our church family. Our men’s ministry had a Faith & Work event with the men from across the BeFree multisite. Our women’s ministry held a four week Bible study where they walked verse-by-verse through the book of Philippians. The youth groups attended Deep Freeze at Camp Berea. We sent a prayer missions trip to Quebec and have nearly finished walking through the membership process with almost ten new families!

Here is a quick look at what’s coming in the next few months.

  • -  Good Friday & Easter – This Holy Week we will be having a Good Friday service and an Easter service. The Friday service will be held at the Alton Bay Christian Conference Center from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM, Friday evening. Our Easter Service we’ll be here, at PMHS, in the auditorium. Please invite friends and family to join us as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.

  • -  Sunday Swap – BeFree is a family of churches spread across southern New Hampshire. In two weeks Pastor Chris and the worship team from Barrington will be coming to lead our worship gathering in Alton, while Ben and our worship team will be traveling to Barrington to lead their worship gathering. We are excited for this opportunity to build more relationships across the BeFree community.

  • -  Baptism – Over the last couple weeks we have offered the opportunity to be baptized. A number of people have already come forward to express their interest. If you are interested in being baptized or simply hearing more about baptism, it’s not too late. Please speak with Ben Ruhl and he will be happy to walk through the baptism process with you.

  • -  Summer Hangouts – Over the past few summers, our church family has gathered weekly at Crunchy Farm for “Farm Fellowship.” This summer, we will be mixing things up. Rather then meeting weekly at Crunchy Farm, we will host a number of unique events throughout the summer months. We hope that this is a time where we can gather together to deepen and form new relationships within our church family. Please keep your ears open for these summer hangouts in the months to come.

    We are excited to see how God will work in and through these gatherings and celebrations. However, as we anticipate these events, we remember that the ultimate goal of our church family is not to simply organize events and programs, but to glorify God by loving him, loving others and making disciples. We pray that God would use these upcoming events as well as our normal rhythms of gathering and scattering to help our church family accomplish this goal in all we do.

    On behalf of the elders and myself,

    Ben Ruhl, Pastor of BeFree Alton Elders: Everett Clark and Rob O’Blenis