Devotional plan for the week following Sunday, April 10

Daily Scripture Reading:


Monday, April 11: Colossians 2

Get an overview of the chapter.  What issues is Paul addressing in the Colossian church?  What does he want us to known about Jesus and what it means to follow Him?

Tuesday, April 12: Colossians 2:1-5

What do you learn about Jesus?  What do you learn about Paul's attitude toward the church in Colosse?

Wednesday, April 13: Colossians 2:6-15

What "deceptive ideas" have hindered you in the past from fully following Jesus?  What "deceptive ideas" are influencing you currently?  Describe the truths of who Jesus is and what He has done that Paul lists.  How can these truths combat the deceptive ideas influencing you?


Thursday, April 14: Colossians 2:16-23

What does Paul say about worldly principles for self-improvement?  In what ways are you tempted to trust in worldly principles (that look good, moral, and even godly) rather than Christ?

Thomas Chalmers was a pastor in the late 1700’s who preached a sermon titled, “The Explusive Power Of A New Affection.” In his sermon he describe the inability of worldly principles to produce true change.  Chalmers argued that the human soul must have an object of affection. It is an iron law of our constitutional makeup. We cannot stop setting our affections on something — and if all we have is the world, it will be something in the world. If all we have is three straws, it will be one of those three straws. If someone comes along and points out that setting your affections on straws is “dumb and stupid,” you might agree with that observation entirely. But you still wouldn’t be able to do anything else because that is all you have. Where else can you go?
In order for anything to change, there must be a new affection. Christ must be offered through the gospel, and Christ must be loved. When He is loved, we then see the expulsive power of a new affection — the things that were necessarily dear before (even though acknowledged by the one who loved them as stupid vanity) are expelled to the outer darkness. 
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Chalmers sermon can be found here:

Friday, April 15: Colossians 2

What truths about Jesus and the Christian life has God impressed on you this week?  How are they making a difference in your life this week?