Devotional Plan for the week following Sunday, December 6



Advent: A Season of Waiting

Week Two



Daily Scripture Reading:

Sunday, December 6: Genesis 28:1-17


God continues His plan through Isaac's son Jacob.  Jacob is traveling alone, not expecting to see or to hear anything of God.  He thinks God is back at home with his parents.  In his dream, he learns that God is also traveling with him and that He will continue to do so.  Although Jacob often failed in life, God was the ultimate focus of his trust.  Later, his name was changed to Israel, which means God prevails.


When faced with conflict, Lord, Jacob often relied on his own resources rather than going to You.  Like Jacob, You have told us that You are with us and will keep us wherever we go.  Help us to trust in You instead of in ourselves.


Monday, December 7: Genesis 37:1-36 & 42:1-45:15


Jacob had twelve sons, but he has not treated them all alike.  He has made such a favorite of his son Joseph that the others are jealous and take advantage of an opportunity to sell Joseph as a slave and pretend to their father that he has been killed.  But God is with Joseph even in slavery and brings him to a position of honor, not only for his own sake, but also for the good of the whole family and for the good of the land of Egypt, too.


Joseph was sold into slavery but still You were with him.  He would forgive his brothers just as You call on us to forgive those who harm us.  Keep our hearts soft.  Help us to extend forgiveness to those who have hurt us.  Help us to obey you even though the circumstances in our life might be difficult.




Tuesday, December 8: Exodus 1:1-2:10


When the Israelites came into Egypt, they multiplied and grew strong.  Pharaoh was afraid the Israelites were becoming so numerous that they would organize and threaten his kingdom, so he enslaved them.  The Israelites still multiplied, so Pharaoh ordered the killing of many Hebrew boys.  When Moses was born, his mother hid him and he was found by Pharaoh's daughter.  She took him as her son, thereby placing Moses in the house of Pharaoh.


Lord, use our lives, as you did Moses' life, to further your plan.



Wednesday, December 9: Exodus 12:1-39


The people of Egypt are not willing to give up their slaves until death strikes within all of their homes.  Seeing then that God is serious about freeing the people of Israel, they urge them to be gone in a hurry.  When the moment comes, there is not even time for the Israelites to bake their bread.  They gather up the raw dough in their kneading bowls and carry it along with them like that.


Father, you saw the suffering of Your people and You came to their rescue.  Lead us, too, Lord, out of our problems and afflictions.  Let us demonstrate our faith in You in visible ways.


Thursday, December 10: Exodus 19:16-20:20


After two months of traveling through the desert, the people of Israel reach Mount Sinai.  God summons all Israel, and then speaks to them through Moses giving them the Ten Commandments.  The purpose of the tens laws is to show us how life is meant to be lived.  Unfortunately, no one fully follows God's laws and therefore, life doesn't work like God intended.  Thankfully, the Ten Commandments also point us to Jesus who fulfilled the law for us.  He lived the commandments perfectly, yet took our punishment for breaking the law.  He gives us His righteousness and enables us to keep the law by placing our faith in Him.


You gave Your commandments to Moses and the Israelites, and You asked for their love and obedience.  Thank you for showing us that no matter how "good" we are, we cannot achieve holiness through our own efforts.  If we are going to be allowed into Your kingdom, it will have to be through Jesus.


Friday, December 11: Joshua 1:1-9 & 5:13-6:20


Moses dies before God brings the people to the land He has promised them, and Joshua becomes their leader.  But whoever the leader is, God is still in charge.  He shows them how to take each city He has allotted them, and they win victories by His power.


Father, you commanded Joshua to be strong and courageous and You promised him that you would be with him wherever he would go.  You are also with us, Lord.  Fill us with courage to do the things that You call us to do.


Saturday, December 12: Judges 6:33-7:22


Gideon requested that God show him two miracles to prove that Israel would be delivered from Midian with Gideon as their leader.  God is patient with Gideon.  He knows Gideon's weaknesses.  He recognizes Gideon's fear and his need for reassurance, so He provides a visible sign to show that He is indeed asking Gideon to go to battle.  With the assurance from the fleeces and God's promise from Judges 6:16, "I will be with you and you will strike down all the Midianites together," Gideon now steps out in obedience to every unexpected way that God asks him to prepare Israel for battle.  God dwindled Gideon's army from tens of thousands to only three hundred so that "Israel may not boast against me that her own strength has saved her..." (Judges 7:2).


Lord, help us to rely on Your Word to strengthen our faith.  Give us courage to obey even when we can't see how You will accomplish Your plan.






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