Devotional plan for the week following Sunday, June 5

Daily Scripture Reading:


Monday, June 6: Luke 12:22-23

What does Jesus tell us not to be anxious about?  What reason does He give for not worrying?  Why do you think we are so prone to worry about "lesser things?"  What lesser things are you prone to worry about today?  Don't try to stuff those worries away.  Tell God what you are worried about and ask him to help you focus instead on what matters most.

Tuesday, June 7: Luke 12:24-26

Jesus tells us that we will never stop being anxious by trying to ignore or escape our worrisome thoughts.  Instead of trying to think about our problems less, we need to think about our problems differently.  Jesus tells us to "consider" (focus on, think about) the ravens.  Take time today to actually do this.  Stop what you are doing and go outside.  Look at and listen to the birds.  Think about how God provides for them and how little they seem to worry.  Now think about how different your thinking would be if you truly believed that God cares for you even more than the birds.

Wednesday, June 8: Luke 12:27-28

Jesus again counsels us to deal with our tendency to worry by learning to think differently.  He tells us to "consider the lilies."  Consider their great beauty.  God doesn't provide just the functional bare bones of life.  He gives great beauty to flowers that only live a short time.  What does this tell us about our Creator/Father?  How would your worrying change if you truly believed that God wants to clothe you in even greater beauty?

Thursday, June 9: Luke 12:29-31

Worrying can never be overcome by only playing "defense" - trying to fight off worry.  Worry can only be overcome when we are on "offense."  We must seek something greater than our own comfort, security, happiness if we are to live without worry.  That is why Jesus counsels us to seek His Kingdom instead of worrying about our comforts and security.  Seeking Jesus' Kingdom is about learning to live under the rule of King Jesus - now and forever.  What would it look like to seek Jesus' Kingdom today - in your workplace, school, home?

Friday, June 10: Luke 12:32-34

The great secret to not being anxious about money is to practice generosity.  Giving our temporary treasure to people and causes close to God's heart frees our heart from worry by causing us to care more about God's Kingdom than our own comfort and security.  How do you practice generosity?  Below are a couple helpful links for learning to practice generosity.