Devotional plan for the week following Sunday, May 1

Daily Scripture Reading:


Monday, May 2: Psalm 27:1-3

What is significant about David saying that the Lord is "my light and my salvation?"  What hope and promise about the future was David counting upon?  What or who are you tempted to fear right now?  Rewrite these verses inserting your specific fears.

Tuesday, May 3: Psalm 27:4-6

David could not stop fearing without focusing upon "one thing."  What is that "one thing" and how can you also focus upon it when you are tempted to fear?

Wednesday, May 4: Psalm 27:7-10

David is holding up his earthly relationships in comparison to his relationship with God.  What is David reminding himself (and us) about relationship with God?  How can this truth affect your relational fears?


Thursday, May 5: Psalm 27:11-12

What does David ask of God as he deals with people who desire his destruction?  How can his prayer become yours?

Friday, May 6: Psalm 27:13-14

What promise does David trust?  How have you experienced "waiting on the Lord?"