Devotional plan for the week following Sunday, May 15

Daily Scripture Reading:


Monday, May 16: Numbers 13-14:10

As a young man, Joshua was 1 of 12 Israelite spies sent into the land of Canaan that God had promised to give to Israel.  What did the spies see?  What was the difference in the spies' reports to the people?  What fears did Joshua face?  In what ways did Joshua live with courage?  What blessings and what "giants" do you see in your life?  Ask God to empower you to live with courage.

Tuesday, May 17: Joshua 1

What fears might Joshua have faced at this point in his life?  What instructions did God give him for how he was to lead?  What promises did God make?  Why do you think thorough trust and obedience to God's Word is linked with being strong and courageous?

Wednesday, May 18: Joshua 6

Joshua's most famous victory is accomplished through very strange tactics.  What does this tell us about how God works?  What fears might Joshua have faced during the "attack" on Jericho?  In what ways have you had to trust and obey God when it did not make sense to you?

Thursday, May 19: Joshua 7

Remember God's words to Joshua and thorough obedience to his instructions in Joshua 1.  In Joshua 7, we see how failing to fully follow God's instructions leads to suffering - for everyone.  What fears might Joshua have faced in dealing with Achan's sin?  What does the seriousness of the consequences for Achan's sin tell us about the nature of sin and the work of Jesus on the cross?  How does this affect how you view your own sin?

Friday, May 20: Joshua 23

In this chapter, Joshua reflects back on God's faithfulness to him over his whole life.  Joshua passes on to the Israelites the same words said to him much earlier in his life.  What instructions, promises and warnings does Joshua speak?

Saturday, May 21: Joshua 24

Before Joshua died, he spoke to the Israelites reminding them of what God has done for them.  Why is it important to be regularly reminded of God's saving work in history?  Joshua called the people to a decision - "choose whom you will serve."  What are the things in your life the vie for God's place?  When have you had to make a decision between serving God or other "gods?"