Devotional Plan for the week following Sunday, November 15

As we live the first 4 Stones, our hearts and lives become “centered in Christ” rather than self. We find that we are seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. As we seek first the Kingdom of God by living centered in Jesus, we are sent into the Kingdom of this world to live as ambassadors of God’s Kingdom. It is natural that Jesus' followers would follow Jesus into the Kingdoms of the world, for those who are centered in Jesus have His heart for the world that God so loves. Therefore we believe that the default posture of Jesus’ followers is one of sentness. 



Daily Scripture Reading:

Monday, November 16: Genesis 12:1-3

God's desire has always been to bless the world by sending His people to be a blessing.  Consider God's call to Abraham by putting yourself in his shoes.  What might have kept Abraham from "living sent?"  What did Abraham have to believe in order to obey?  In what ways might God be sending you right now?


Tuesday, November 17: 2 Corinthians 5:11-21

Paul describes followers of Jesus as "ambassadors."  An ambassador lives in  a foreign country, yet is a citizen of another.  They represent the interests of their country to the people they live among in a foreign land.  An ambassador must first of all authentically embody the values of the Kingdom they represent.  Secondly, they must be in relationship with those to whom they are sent.  In what ways might God be calling you to grow as ambassador of Christ and His Kingdom?


Wednesday, November 18: Luke 10:1-12

Jesus did not do all the work of ministry.  He involved His disciples from early on in His mission.  Think about Jesus' instructions to His disciples before He sends them on mission.  What does He tell them to pray?  Why does He tell them not to take supplies?  What is significant about remaining in one house with a person of peace?  What ministry actions were the disciples to do?  What message were they to tell?  How might this example of "sentness" affect how you live "sentness?"


Thursday, November 19: Colossians 4:2-6

Paul gives us a good model for missional prayer: asking God for opportunities to talk about Jesus with those who don't yet trust in Him; and the ability to boldly, clearly, and winsomely speak.  Paul also gives us helpful instructions on how to live in a missional way.  First, we must live wisely among people who are not believers.  If we aren't among unbelievers, how will they come to know about Jesus?  Secondly, our conversation is to be gracious and attractive - not condemning or argumentative.  How could you implement Paul's missional example in your life?



Friday, November 20: John 17:13-26

Jesus refers repeatedly to the "world" in His prayer the night before His crucifixion.  What does He desire of the world?  How is the world to know about Him?  How are His followers to live in relation to the world?