Devotional Plan for the week following Sunday, November 22

We are naturally thankful for the blessings of God that we experience now - homes, food, families, etc.  We should thank God for these things because they are from Him.  But even more so, we must train ourselves to be thankful for the Kingdom of God that we receive by faith.  Though it is difficult to see given the brokenness of the world, Jesus is King, and we share in His eternal Kingdom.  As we grow in thankfulness for Christ's Kingdom, we learn to seek first the Kingdom of God and trust that God will provide for all our other needs as well.



Daily Scripture Reading:

Monday, November 23: Daniel 7 

The prophet Daniel was taken as a young boy from his home in Israel to the Kingdom of Babylon.  There, he served in the King's court as an advisor and interpreter of dreams.  In one of his own dreams, God spoke to Him about His plan to establish His eternal Kingdom over all the other competing kingdoms on earth.  What do we learn about how God establishes His Kingdom on earth?  What do we learn about humanity's part in God's Kingdom?


Tuesday, November 24: Psalm 97

Every election cycle we see one group of people rejoice that their nominee won election (while others mourn).  They rejoice because they believe their ruler will help ensure peace and prosperity.  The Psalmist calls us to rejoice not in an earthly ruler, but in the Lord as King.  He will crush all wickedness.  He will destroy every injustice.  He will rescue His people from all evil.


Wednesday, November 25: Isaiah 25

Whether you are eagerly looking forward to a thanksgiving meal tomorrow or sorrowful because you are not able to enjoy a thanksgiving meal, you can read Isaiah 25 with great anticipation.  God is preparing a thanksgiving meal beyond comparison that will be served when Jesus returns.  What will we be thankful for on that day? Begin now, to thanks God for what He will do.


Thursday, November 26: Psalm 145

The Psalmist is caught up in thanks and praise at the goodness of God.  What does the Psalmist recognize about who God is?  What does the Psalmist celebrate about what God has done?  Join the Psalmist by adding your own thanks and praise to this eternal song.



Friday, November 27: Revelation 1:1-8 & 11:15-18

The apostle, John, wrote the book of Revelation describing a vision that he received.  This vision describes the spiritual battle that we so often do not see.  It also describes future events that have not yet taken place.  Consider what will take place when Jesus returns.  how might this future event affect how you live today?


Saturday, November 28: Psalm 93

The Lord reigns!  Floods of sin and suffering have risen, but our Lord is greater!  Consider the floods that have risen in your own life.  How has Jesus delivered?  What floods are you experiencing now?  Rejoice in the truth that the Lord is stronger and will deliver us from all sin and suffering upon His return.