Devotional plan for the week following Sunday, November 27

Daily Scripture Reading:




Monday, November 28:

Psalm 124


Tuesday, November 29:

Psalm 124


Wednesday, November 30:

Psalm 124


Thursday, December 1:

Genesis 1:1-2:3



God was there before anything else.  By his word of power he made the whole world of nature, fitting it together so that every creature would have its own place and the things it needs to live.  Because he made them, they are good and valuable.  And the man and woman, he made like himself.



You made people in your image, Lord.  Help us to be part of your celebration in this Kingdom. May we be a faithful creation who waits for your coming and brings honor and glory to you.



Friday, December 2:

Genesis 2:8-3:24



The man and the woman are given responsibility for the place in which God puts them and are told to care for it in obedience to his instructions.  But they don't want to follow God's instructions; they want to manage everything themselves.  They disobey God, bringing punishment on themselves, the serpent, and the world in which they lived.



Life is full of temptations that keep us from you, Lord.  You know what we really need in our life.  Keep us faithful to your will.



Saturday, December 3:

Genesis 6:9-8:1

Genesis 9:8-17



After Adam and Eve, people continue to try to do things their own way instead of God's way.  Finally, things get so bad that God decides to wipe out everything in a flood.  But even then he finds a family who will obey him so that he can save humankind and his other creature and let them try again.



You save your people from destruction, Lord.  You made a covenant with your faithful ones -- with Noah and with us.  Thank you for your mercy, Lord.




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