Devotional plan for the week following Sunday, October 25

Living in God’s Kingdom is about receiving and trusting the leadership of Jesus. While on earth, Jesus led His followers in learning how to live His way of life. Before He ascended, He promised that he would continue leading His followers by sending the Holy Spirit to indwell them. The Holy Spirit speaks Jesus' words to His followers and gives them His power. Therefore, followers of Jesus today must listen to and follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit. 


Daily Scripture Reading:

Monday, October 26: Numbers 11:16-30

In this passage of Scripture, we see how the Holy Spirit led and empowered God's people under the Old Covenant (the Old covenant describes the time prior to Jesus' death, resurrection and ascension).  During this time, the Holy Spirit led and empowered certain leaders to carry out God's purposes.  Quite often, a sign of the Spirit's presence was the ability to prophesy -- speaking God's Words of instruction and future guidance to His people.  Moses' words to Joshua are prophetic themselves about God's future plans.


Tuesday, October 27: John 14

Jesus had led his disciples for almost 3 years when he began talking to them about "returning to the Father."  His disciples were troubled and confused.  Jesus reassured them that though he was going to the Father, he would still be with them!  In a later passage (John 16:7) he said it is actually better for his disciples that he go to the Father so that the "Helper" would come to them.  What does Jesus say the "Helper" (the Holy Spirit) will do?


Wednesday, October 28: Acts 2:1-21

Shortly after Jesus returned to the Father, he sent the Holy Spirit to his disciples.  Read the dramatic story of the Spirit's coming.  What were the evidences of the Spirit's presence?  What were the results of the Spirit's work?


Thursday, October 29: Romans 8:1-17

This passage is filled with transformational truth about the reality of God's Spirit available to us through faith in Jesus Christ.  List what is said about the Holy Spirit in this passage.  Ask God to lead you today by His Spirit.


Friday, October 30: Galatians 5:16-26

All who place their faith in Jesus Christ have the Spirit of God living in them, but not all who have the Spirit walk by the Spirit.  When we fail to walk by the Spirit, we instead carry out the "works of the flesh" which are not characteristic of God's Kingdom.  But when we follow the Spirit, the Spirit produces "fruit" within us in keeping with God's Kingdom.  Consider the fruit that the Spirit desires to produce in you.  How have you seen God developing that fruit within you?  How might He be leading you toward greater fruit right now?