Devotional Plan For The Week Following Sunday October 4

Ordinary Time: The mountain and the kingdom

In the coming weeks, we are going to explore the different stones comprising the Five Stones way of life that we, as a church, are seeking to follow.  But before we dive into the Five Stones, we need to learn about the "mountain" up which this way of life is leading.  In the Bible, the mountain of God is a picture of God's Kingdom on earth.  The world and everything in it was made to be part of God's Kingdom - under His gracious rule.  However, we have not wanted God to be in control - to be Lord of our lives - and have elected ourselves rulers in His place.  Everything has gone wrong as a result.  We now long for God's Kingdom to make things right once again.  Jesus, the rightful King, has come and through his life, death, and resurrection has begun to set right what has gone wrong.  We can now receive Him as our Lord and live under His reign.  One day, He will return and His Kingdom will once again be over all.  This week, consider God's Kingdom and your willingness to live with Jesus as your Lord.


Daily Scripture Reading:

Monday, October 5: Psalm 24

While the Scriptures make clear that no building can fully contain the Creator of the universe, the Temple was an earthly dwelling in which sinful people could meet with the Holy God.  The Temple was in Jerusalem which sits up on a hill from the surrounding area.  Anyone who wanted to meet with God had to "ascend the hill of the Lord."  Read this Psalm first considering how you have/have not lived the requirements necessary to ascend the hill of the Lord.  Read this Psalm again, this time focusing on the King of Glory described at the end of the Psalm.  This King of Glory is Jesus.  Consider what He has done so that we can enter His Kingdom.


Tuesday, October 6: Isaiah 2:1-5

The prophet Isaiah, who lived hundreds of years before Jesus, foretold a day when God's Kingdom would rule over the whole earth.  What are the benefits of God's rule according to this passage?  What is the invitation to God's people who long for this day?

Wednesday, October 7: Mark 1:14-45

Jesus announced "the Gospel of the Kingdom."  He declared that the time humanity long awaited had come at last.  The Kingdom of God is coming to earth through His life and ministry.  How did Jesus demonstrate this Good News?  How does Jesus call us to respond to this Good News?


Thursday, October 8: Colossians 1:13-23

Paul described the Gospel in terms of a cosmic battle - the daring rescue of captives from the domain of darkness to the kingdom of Christ accomplished by Jesus, who is the rightful ruler of all.  According to this passage, what is Jesus' plan for the universe?  How do you fit in this plan?

Friday, October 9: Revelation 12:11-18

This passage describes a future day when Jesus' Kingdom will arrive in all its fullness.  What will happen in that time?  How might this affect how you live now?