Devotional plan for the week following Sunday, November 1

Jesus calls His followers to daily lay down their own plans and agendas in order to follow Jesus in the Kingdom way of life.  This must happen daily, for our daily rhythms shape our lives.  If Jesus is to be Lord of our lives, He must be Lord of our days.  Therefore, followers of Jesus are to build their lives around the rhythms of God's Kingdom such as worship, generosity, and celebration.  These rhythms bring rest to our souls. 


Daily Scripture Reading:

Monday, November 2: Isaiah 30:15-22

God's desire was to protect His people from their enemies, but they would not rest in His promise.  Instead, they made unwise alliances with other countries.  God also desires that we experience deliverance from evil by resting in Him.  What does resting in Him look like?  What are we tempted to turn to instead of God to find rest from our difficulties?


Tuesday, November 3: Matthew 11:28-30

Jesus invites us all who carry heavy burdens to come to Him and find rest in His "yoke."  What a wonderful invitation!  We must understand what Jesus is offering. Every rabbi had a "yoke" which was a term for their teaching and way of life.  Jesus is saying that the rest we long for is found when we take on His way of life.  How have you experienced rest in Jesus' way of life?


Wednesday, November 4: Psalm 92:1-4

This Psalmist describes his daily rhythm - declaring God's steadfast love in the morning and His faithfulness at night.  This rhythm is not a chore but a delight.  He is made glad as he worships God.  So too with us, rhythms of worship shape our hearts to enjoy God.


Thursday, November 5: Hebrews 3:7-4:16

The author of Hebrews urges us to understand the importance of entering God's rest - today!  He uses the Israelites failing to reach the Promised Land as illustration of how many believers fail to experience the fulfillment of salvation that God has promised.  Paradoxically, experiencing God's rest takes work (4:11)!  But our work is fueled by God's grace (4:16).  We find rest as we draw near to the throne of grace!


Boldly I Approach - Rend Collective


Friday, November 6: Isaiah 58

God spoke through the prophet Isaiah calling His people to turn from their facade of religion and genuinely live His rhythms of generosity for the needy and weekly Sabbath worship and rest.  He instructs us that when we genuinely walk in His rhythms, we experience blessing (vs 8-12).  What is your rhythm of generosity?  What is your rhythm of Sabbath?


Saturday, November 7: Psalm 127

"Anxiously working" describes so much of our lives.  We long to rest, but our needs and our wants seem to dominate our hearts.  God offers us rest that is not a result of our work, but His.  How do you see yourself "anxiously working" right now?  Consider today how God has worked to provide for your temporary and eternal needs.  How would you go about your day differently if you were at rest in God's provision?