Disciple making tools

This week we are focused on the second half of Stone 1 - Make Disciples.  Jesus is calling every single one of his followers to be a learner of His way of life and a teacher of his way of life.  Disciple making happens as disciples of Jesus pass on their knowledge, experience, and life to others.

While much of disciple making is simply relational modeling in the flow of everyday life, there are disciple making tools that we can learn to use in making more and better disciples of Jesus. 

2 Ways To Live is an excellent and brief resource that describes the initial call to live Gods way through faith in Jesus Christ.  You can view this presentation on a web browser, download the app, or order print copies. 


The Walk is a great resource to use in helping new or renewed followers of Jesus understand the core beliefs and practices involved in following Jesus.  This book is best read a chapter at a time, then discussed.