Fall Back Time Change & Volunteers needed!

Hi Newmarket BeFree! I am looking forward to seeing you this Sunday at 10 am at Stone Church. A reminder to set your clocks back an hour on Saturday night so you don't show up early. We will be looking at Mark 10: 13 - 16. Important - We need more volunteers to sign up as we move to the High School. We have had a few key volunteers move for new jobs.

  1. Sound and Slides Team - We need 2 people to work sound and 2 people to work slides once a month. 
  2. Set up/Greeting Team - We need 4 more volunteers to help set up and greet people once a month. 
  3. DIG - We need 3 more people to be helpers in the nursery room once a month.

Email me if you will volunteer for one or two of the above teams. Thanks!

See you soon!

In Christ,