Getting Ready for John

I am so excited for our church to spend the coming months digging into the Gospel of John! My prayer is that, as we fix our eyes upon Jesus, we would come to know him better, love him more and walk with him more faithfully.

As we prepare for this series, I wanted to put two resources into your hands:

The first is a short two part video from The Bible Project. If you have 17 minutes to spare, spend them watching these two short videos to help you gain an understanding of what the Gospel of John is all about.

Secondly, I'd like to introduce you to a great resource that will help you track with us through the Gospel of John.

These are called Scripture Journals. They are short booklets that contain only the text of individual books of the bible and give you ample room to take notes as well as write down any thoughts or applications. If you would like to use a Scripture Journal as we walk together through the book of John, you can pick up one of the limited number available at church, or you can buy one here:

I am praying that our time in the book of John will be rich and fruitful.

I love you all,
Ben Ruhl