Gathered and Scattered Life Together

BeFree views our life as a church as one that is both “gathered” and “scattered.” Our gathered life together centers around our weekly worship gathering where we uphold the values of worship, friendship, and mission in a corporate setting. Our scattered life happens throughout the week as smaller groups of people meet in Community Groups (CG’s) in order to uphold these same values of worship, friendship, and mission in a smaller, more intimate context. We seek to grow and go together throughout the week in CG’s, and gather to worship, encourage, and be equipped with our entire Church body in our weekly worship gathering.

Importance of Community Groups

We believe that CG’s are the primary environment for discipleship in our church community. While our weekly worship gatherings serve to encourage us through corporate worship and encouragement, we believe that the smaller size and more intentional venue of CG’s allow for greater growth in the Gospel and in engaging our community in mission.  Community Groups ideally function as mini-churches living out the core practices of a community of disciples.

Key Values of Community Groups

The key values of worship, friendship, and mission that define our church are also the key values of community groups.


We desire to worship God together through reading and studying God’s Word, praying, and celebrating spiritual transformation and victories.


We desire to know each other and be known by each other, transparently sharing the joys and burdens of life in community.


We desire to engage non-believers around us through our community, inviting them to share our life alongside us.

Joining a Community Group

If you are interested in joining a CG, we are working on developing intentional and relational pathways for that process. Email us for more information on joining or forming a Community Group.