Membership in a church is not like membership at BJ’s or Netflix. In our culture, membership is often about being a consumer; the organization exists to serve us and to meet our felt needs. The Church is completely different—membership is our personal commitment to serve others as we all walk together to become more like Christ.

Jesus Christ changes our orientation from being a worldly consumer to becoming a Kingdom provider of God’s love and care to others. So BeFree membership is about joining a local church community on its mission to express the way of Christ to the world by being obedient to His commands.

At BeFree Community Church, membership is not about pinning you down—it’s about building you up and sending you out. It’s a declaration of being “all in” to follow Jesus with this family of faith and allowing them to disciple and commission you to live the way of Christ to your family, to your neighborhood, in your area, and around the world.

Do you have to become a member? No, of course not, but we encourage all those who call BeFree their church home to consider membership. If you’re already a follower of Jesus Christ, if you’re already in some form of discipleship group, or if you’re already giving of your finances and your time to minister to others, then you’re already fulfilling the basic functions of a member and your next step is the membership itself.

What’s the difference?

Membership at BeFree is not a seminar hoop to jump through, nor a doctrinal statement to sign, nor a behavior pledge to make. It is a discussion: an open and mature discussion about where you are on the journey of faith and discipleship with Jesus Christ and His Church, where you can aspire to go in Christ, and how we can help each other along the way.