As a family of church communities we hold these values in common:


We seek to experience the church unity and diversity spoken of in the New Testament in which local ownership did not exclude mutual accountability.

We practice living in the tension of one church, many locations by sharing resources to accomplish our common purpose while enjoying relationships that foster mutual devotion to Christ and one another among our leaders.


When Jesus was sent to this world, he ministered to people by living among them.

He sends us to do the same, so we intentionally live and involve ourselves in the local communities that we serve as the normal flow of life.

Because of this value, our churches contextualize their methods for ministry depending on the people they serve.

Gathered & Scattered

This is the rhythm of our churches. In each BeFree community, we gather on Sundays to worship God together, to celebrate all that he's done and is doing, to be equipped for growth in Christ through biblical teaching, and to provide a forum in which the surprising grace of the gospel is publicly made known. We call these Worship Gatherings.

We scatter during the rest of the week as those who have been sent on mission into our various areas of influence (homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, community organizations, kids' teams and clubs, etc.).

But this “sent” way of life also involves scattering with one another into Home Groups, Small Groups, or Community Groups where we can help one another apply the gospel to our particular life situations, and love and care for one another in practical ways.


Jesus was a model of obedience to God in relating with others. He called people into a mentored way of life.

A core value at BeFree is the development of every member toward their potential, and the development of servant leaders toward their ministry potential.

We further practice this mentored way of life in training new pastors to establish new churches.